"Quick" Chromosomal DNA Preparation



This procedure has been in use in our lab for years, and is loosely based on a long-ago conversation with Wayne Barnes.


Pellet 1 mL fresh o/n
Resuspend in 0.5 mL "QDNA" buffer
(Vortexing at this point will cause shearing,
which may or may not be bad, depending on your needs).
5' x 100C
Spin down debris, save the supernatant as a
frozen stock.
Use only after a dilution of at least 1:100, or the
SDS in the buffer will inhibit subsequent reactions; do
not let the DNA sit for long periods of time after dilution,
as it is heavily contaminated with nucleases.


QDNA Buffer
	10	mM	Tris [pH 7.4]
	1	mM	EDTA
	0.2	%	SDS

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