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Form for Reporting Errors



You can have a file with an empty form by using the command % fetch It can then be filled it out with a text editor or by hand. Mailing instructions are included on the form.

Please include the complete command line that you used and any local data files in which you have made changes.

Please complete this form to report any problem with the Accelrys GCG (GCG) Package.  In addition, please send all information necessary to
reproduce the problem.  This may include but is not limited to command line qualifiers, program options, and input files. 
E-mail this form along with any related files to,, or . If you cannot use E-mail, you may fax this form and related files to us at (858) 799-5102.
Site name:
User name:
Phone or fax number (in case we need more information):
Operating System Version:
GCG Package Version:
X Windows Display Device (if using SeqLab):
Description of problem:
Example showing how to reproduce the problem:
Input files (if possible):
Additional Comments:
Please send all correspondence regarding problems to:
E-mail:,, or 
Fax   :   (858) 799-5102
Or call us at (800) 756-4674.

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