DNA Purification - Spin Dialysis

Jeff Lawrence

1. Remove as much mineral oil as possible from the top of a 100 µL PCR reaction. Transfer aqueous phase to a fresh tube.

2. Reduce volume to 25 µL in a Speed Vac drier.

3. Mix Boeringer Manneheim CL-6B "Linker-6" column by inversion. Loosen caps and allow excess buffer to exit.

4. Centrifuge column at 1100 g for 2 min. Discard buffer in collection tube. Centrifuge at 1100 g for 2 min. Discard collection tube.

5. Apply the concentrated 25 µL PCR reaction to the top of the CL-6B column.

6. Centrifuge at 1100 g for 10 min, collection product in a fresh tube.

7. Approximately 70 µL of eluent will be collected. Add TE to a volume of 100 µL

8. Use 10 µL for DNA sequencing.

Last Update: Thursday June 19 2014
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