Green Indicator Plates

Jeff Lawrence (Z51)

(NOTE: This section describes classic green plates, which have now been superceded by "Mint Green Plates")

Plate Mix
	828 g	Bacto-Tryptone (Difco)
	105 g	Yeast Extract (Difco)
	516 g	NaCl
	1551 g	Agar
	6.8 g	Aniline Blue (C32H27N3O9S3·2Na)
 	64.4 g	Alizarin Yellow G (C13H8N3NaO5)
1 Place ingredients into a plastic tub and shake vigorously to distribute dyes well.

Normal recipe - 4 L of green plates:

2. Autoclave 116 g Plate Mix in 4L water.

3. When cool enough to pour, add 67.2 mL of 50% Glucose.

Small Recipe:

Make Dye Stock as:
	6.5 mg/ml	Aniline Blue	1.3 g	Aniline Blue
	62.2 mg/ml	Alizarin Yellow	12.4 g	Alizarin Yellow
					200 mL	Water
Combine and Autoclave:
	8 g	Bacto-Tryptone (Difco)
	1 g	Yeast Extract (Difco)
	5 g	NaCl
	15 g	Agar
	10 mL	Dye Stock
	990 mL	Water
After cooling, add 16.8 mL of 50% Glucose and pour.
Last Update: Thursday June 19 2014
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