Mailing Strains First Class.

Eric Kofoid, 10/20/2006

Follow these instructions carefully and never have problems mailing strains again!

For each strain, do the following:

1. Autoclave some Whatman 2.4 cm GF/C filters.
2. Sterilize squares of Saran Wrap (or other similar clinging wrap) about 10 cm on a side in a UV sterilizer.
3. Place one GF/C filter in the middle of one Saran Wrap square.
4. Place a drop of overnight culture in the middle.
5. Fold opposite horizontal sides of the wrap over the filter, and then the same with opposite vertical sides.
6. Write a letter to the recipients telling them how to recover the strain (below), and tape the filter envelope to a blank part of the letter.
7. Fold the letter in the normal fashion, insert into envelope, and mail in the usual way to the recipients.

For each filter, do the following:

1. Unwrap the filter and pick it up with sterile forceps.
2. Drop into a test tube containing appropriate medium.
3. Incubate in the normal fashion.

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